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Welcome fellow Packer fans to the website of the OFFICIAL LOS ANGELES GREEN BAY PACKERS GROUP. We made this website in order to enhance the experience of being part of this group, as well as to try and acquire new members.

Feel free to check the site out. We'll be posting weekly updates concerning the upcoming meetups. We'll also be trying to periodically update the site with pictures and other media of various meetups. So don't forget to check back in!

If you want to stay connected with us in real time be sure to sign up for the Facebook group and follow us at our Twitter acount: @lacheeseheads. Otherwise you can just check back in here and all important news updates will be displayed on the main page.

Can't wait to see everybody at the next meetup!


San Diego Bus Trip

The trip down to San Diego was a complete success! I'd like to thank everyone for helping out and for making the trip such a memorable one. Be sure to check out the media page to see some of the pictures that were taken. If you're feeling extra crazy check out the video below. It's well worth your time!!!

For best viewing quality be sure to watch in full screen!